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OSB On Hiatus for a While

With regards to my first webcomic, “Orange Street’s Ben”, I have decided to put it on hiatus. I am terrilbly sorry for letting down the fans that this story has garnered up so far. The reason is because I have come to dislike how the story is going. Initially the whole comic was supposed to be a sort of practice; for me to get accustomed to drawing and coloring in a comic manner. However, I have come to really like the characters in the story and feel that the way the story is going will do them no justice. Thus, I have decided to put this story aside for now so I can work on the actual story in a lot more detail. But do not fear, for now I will upload a somewhat short mini-series of another story. I will use this story for getting better at the comic formats. Stay tuned for more info on my mini-comic series!

You can find more info on it on my tumblr : http://gatsbyscreature.tumblr.com/

posted by Gatsbys_Creature @ January 3rd, 2014, 12:59 am   0 Comments